Death Toll




Destroyed Businesses



Funds will be channeled under 4 pillars

The Global Compact Network Lebanon has launched the Beirut Relief Initiative aiming to endorse and support Lebanon community's livelihood through SMEs, under 4 pillars.

Livelihood through SMEs

  • 15 000 metric tons of wheat are destroyed
  • 100 000 individuals have lost their jobs
  • 60% of SMEs are unable to resume operations without aid


  • 17 hospitals have been damaged
  • Medical supplies and personal protective equipment containers have been destroyed

Shelter and renovation

  • More than 300 000 people are displaced
  • 9700 damaged buildings
  • 72 200 damaged apartments
  • 291 000 individuals with damaged houses


  • 120 severe to medium damaged schools
  • 8+ damaged universities
  • More than 63 000 students are affected.

Discover What our partners and network members are doing

Guided by the underlying spirit of “no one left behind” of the 2030 agenda, let us join hands and rescue our beloved Beirut.

Now more than ever, businesses rely on our support to survive in our vibrant nation. Uniting forces will help bring back the livelihood of our shattered communities.

We continue to
mainstream our mission :

Uniting business through facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships, collaboration and collective action. Now, more than ever, the UN global compact network Lebanon is strategically placed to stitch the dots of its community.

Livelihood through SMEs

Today, 60% of Lebanese businesses are unable to resume operations without our support.

Help us restore SMEs, a vital element of the country’s economy. Challenges were already mounting for Lebanese entrepreneurs and businesses before the Beirut blast on August 4th: Political instability, capital controls, a destabilized economy, lack of visibility and an unstoppable pandemic. 90% of Lebanon’s businesses consist of SMEs and they contribute up to 50% to the country’s GDP. GCNL is leveraging on the power of UNCG’s international private sector members (more precisely, its Multinational Corporations) to support the struggling yet indispensable sector.


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