Partnerships for the goals

Partnerships for the goals: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

Implementing the SDGs will require huge global investment in infrastructure; climate change mitigation and adaptation; health and education; peace and security etc. Estimates for financing this global investment range between $5 trillion and $7 trillion per year. This is financing on an unprecedented scale and will require a step-change in both public and private investment. Already a funding shortfall in developing countries alone is estimated to be $2.5 trillion per year.

Partnerships provide opportunities for business to achieve more than they can alone. Capacity building helps create stronger economies in developing countries, enhancing the commercial environment.

What can business do? Play a role in shaping a system wide approach to addressing one/some of the SDG targets. Help suppliers build their capacity to participate (e.g. by facilitating trade credit, skills building or technology transfer) in your value chain or deliver a better product or service to you if they are already involved.

Where is this a top challenge? Everywhere!