A Quick Interview with Teach for Lebanon on Employee Wellbeing in the Workforce

Interviewee: Mohsen El Husseini, Teach For Lebanon’s head of HR.

Can you share with us three (3) tips that your company/institution adopts or is looking to adopt aimed at ensuring employee wellbeing?

  1. TFL asked staff members to work from home unless they have urgent work at the office.
  2. TFL established a schedule and capacity for each room in the office to have a basis for staff to come on a rotational basis after the most recent lockdown.
  3. TFL is planning to acquire vaccines from a pharmaceutical company for staff, fellows, and their first-degree family members.

How are you emphasizing the importance of ensuring/protecting your employees wellbeing in these unprecedented times of change?

Our employees’ mental wellbeing is as important as their physical wellbeing. We collaborated with the Lebanese Center for Psychological and Social Sciences (Nafsaniyoun) to deliver psychosocial support sessions to our fellows, with a focus on mental health and mindfulness.

Tell us please how you care about your employees through your HR policies and practices

Taking care of our employees is very important in challenging times like this.

Organizations are run by people; it follows that, in order to thrive, an organization should nurture and protect its people. This includes what the organization offers as a package to each employee, but also goes further to ensure that they feel safe, appreciated, and listened to by their peers and management. Such policies and procedures not only make the working environment more welcoming, they also guarantee outcomes up to the level of service and professionalism we always strive toward. These policies help our organization reach its goals by acting as a shield against a variety of issues that could disrupt both the lives of its workers and, consequently, its workflow.


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