A strategic partnership between the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon and ideanco.

BEIRUT, LEBANON, December 16th – On Friday, December 16th, 2022, the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon signed into action a strategic partnership with ideanco., the idea innovator company, focusing on initiating flagship programs to integrate youth with sustainability and intelligent technologies.

The UN Global Compact Network Lebanon and ideanco. wish to establish a solid, influential partnership to create the jobs of the future and future jobs focused on sustainability, as well as scale up efforts on climate action. In order to achieve this, both entities will be working with Lebanese youth and the private and public sectors to establish new jobs, get start-ups off the ground, and connect the latter with investors locally, regionally, and globally, as well as create leaders and Ambassadors of Change to act as catalysts of positive change.

“Partnership is the only way to advance on sustainability. It has a multiplier effect that, at the end of the day, contributes to the greater collective good. With this collaboration, we will be creating the jobs of tomorrow and empowering youth with projects that have sustainability at their core,” said Ms. Deenah Fakhoury, Executive Director at the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon.

Talking about the partnership, Maher Ezzeddine, Chief Executive Officer at ideanco., said: “Whether it’s mobility, biodiversity, air pollution, food security, the climate challenges that exist in Lebanon reveal a tremendous number of opportunities made available for us to tackle locally but with a global impact. Changing the world tomorrow starts today with one idea, and ideanco’s partnership with the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon is one of the greatest ideas committed to sustainability. We look forward to making a positive economic impact.


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