Board Nominations for the 2020 General Assembly

Dr. Dima Jamali, President at Trablos First

Mrs. Gacia Apikian Bazhouny, Global Communications & Sustainability Manager at INDEVCO

Mrs. Maissa Abou Adal Ghanem, Member of the BOD & IAC CSR / SDG Lead & Corporate Communication at HOLDAL

Mrs. Tania Rizk, Head of Group Communications, CSR and Customer Experience Division at BLF

Mrs. Isabelle Mansour, Head of Communications & Sustainability Dept. at BLOM Bank

Mr. Ronnie Richa, Senior Marketing Manager at LibanPost

Mrs. Nour Bitar, CEO and Managing Partner at Engineering & Building Co. EBCO (BITAR)

Mr. Vartkes Agop Keutelian, MicroCredit Program Manager at Makhzoumi Foundation

Mrs. Aline Karam, Chief Communication Affairs Officer at Mobile Interim Company 1 S.A.L (Alfa)


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