Business for Peace Annual Event 2018

The Business for Peace annual event served as the main convening platform for the business and peace movement. Over the years, the Business for Peace annual event has convened more than 1,000 stakeholders in Istanbul, New York, Dubai and Colombia. Building on this momentum, the 2018 Annual Event was hosted by the Global Compact Local Network in Egypt and brought together over 300 leaders from businesses, the investment industry, civil society, Governments, the United Nations and Global Compact Local Networks.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are mutually reinforcing with peace, as the Global Goals are both precursors to and a result of peace. Societies with inclusive, transparent, effective and accountable institutions, low levels of corruption, peace and stability, and the rule of law provide an enabling environment for economic and social progress.

GCNL’s strategic advisor, Dr. Hasan Youness represented GCNL in the event where the main takeaways were: to scale-up private sector contributions and partnerships for the achievement of the SDGs and sustaining peace; to delve into the role of the private sector in humanitarian crises and complex emergencies, focusing on people affected by conflict; to motivate and expand the Business for Peace community by sharing experiences, emerging practices and learning, with an emphasis on moving beyond anecdotal examples to systemic solutions.


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