Camp 4: Solutions Testing and Validation

Young SDG Innovators Programme

On July 15 and 16, the fourth Young SDG Innovators Program (YSIP) camp took place under the name of “Solutions Testing and Validation”. The Solutions Testing and Validation camp was organized and facilitated by Hany Rizk; Founder of No BS Innovation, and Nadim Choucair; Founder of the 2030 Cabinet.

Building on the three previously held camps, this camp revolved around refining and validating problem solutions related to the innovators’ specific company challenges. Through this camp, innovators where equipped with the needed knowledge and tools to effectively measure and communicate the SDG impact of their proposed business solutions and projects

The broader aim of this camp was to inspire and enable our cohort of young innovators to further accelerate innovation through their development work with an emphasis on collaboration and creativity for greater societal good.

Knowledge exchange, prototyping and collective brainstorming shaped the dynamics of this camp through which the innovators explored the choices of innovative solutions and the details that centered on them.

This camp prepared the innovators for their final camp, the off-boarding camp, which will focus on guiding innovators on how to embed the learnings and skills from the programme into their companies.


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