YSIP Challenge Definition Camp

The second Young SDG Innovators Program (YSIP) Camp consecutively took place on December 16 and 17 at the Beirut Digital District (BDD) and emphasized the process of defining and refining challenges of the private sector.

This Challenge Definition Camp builds on the previous Challenge Identification camp which mainly concentrated on desiring and discovering a company challenge that can be addressed through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The key facilitators of the second camp were Mr. Wissam, Global Director SAP Next-Gen and Ms. Mona Itani, Founder of Riyada for Social Innovation (GCNL Ambassador).

On December 16, the facilitators introduced the SDG Ideation Tools and Methods in addition to Breakthrough Business Models to the innovators.

The YSIP innovators were exposed to different design thinking ideation tools and were offered a “toolbox” that assists in developing solution concepts, beneficial to the process of defining challenges. Throughout the day, participants continued to assess their tools for ideation, an essential component of validating the challenge they have chosen.

Challenges that are well-defined are those that are followed by a facilitated concept generation process.

The teams worked around the above-stated logic. For motivation, they focused on loving the challenge instead of the solution because the importance lies in the defining the challenge properly at first in order to generate apt solutions in consequent stages.

Additionally, the first day of this camp illustrated the most common Breakthrough Business Models, as a build-up on the first camp that focused on Breakthrough Mindset. The facilitator introduced six business model attributes that are most prevalent among sustainable and breakthrough companies to empower the process of defining company challenges within this framework.

On December 17, the main emphasis of the day was on the Challenge Lab where innovators were given the opportunity to test out the concept ideation methods, breakthrough business models, and also dig deeper into concept selection and validation by pretotyping it.

Through pretotying, the innovators established how to construct a rapid prototype in order to test their SDG Challenges.

The facilitator introduced several pretotyping methods that drive innovation, which the participants were willing to use in testing out new concepts and business models, without wasting too much time and many resources.

Pretotyping is a prior stage to prototyping since it is all about clarifying the general concept of the idea. Prototyping is then all about concretizing the idea.

The Challenge Lab of this camp was a continuation of the former one with an objective to design SDG Concepts for the virtual company Zink, Inc.

The teams successfully embodied their fictional roles as members of the design team for Zink. They experimented with pretotyping and generated, modified and validated new concepts pertaining to the challenges they have already identified in Camp 1. Creativity was blooming on the second day in terms of concept generation and design, and there was no limit to their innovation.

At the end of the challenge lab, the teams updated their the Breakthrough Pitch for Zink by including in their presentations a new component that wasn’t available in the previous camp, a defined challenge with the strongest pretotype.

Eventually, team presentations were not exclusive to the findings relevant to the virtual company ZINK INC. The innovators were enabled to connect the dots between what they learned and tested in their design teams on ZINK INC to challenges in their real companies. On an individual level, the participants had the chance to pitch in their ideas in front of the YSIP Mentors Mr. Imad Abou Khalil, Ms. Krystel Khalil, Ms. Aseel Honein, Mr. Gilbert Tegho, and Ms. Sarah Abdallah, all of whom were very eager to guide and clarify the strengths/weaknesses in ideas suggested by the innovators.

Besides the intense material, many activities took place to ignite creativity among the innovators, and many moments were devoted to celebrating the Christmas theme and sharing both kind wishes and optimistic promises for an improved Lebanon in 2020.


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