Championing Change and Saving Lives with CCCL!

It has been 19 years since the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) first opened its doors! Throughout those years, they have treated more than 2,040 patients coming from all over Lebanon and the Arab region with an average cure rate of 80%.

Children at CCCL are treated free of charge, with no cost at all on their parents. Therefore, CCCL relies purely on donations in order to attain its core mission: “Saving Lives”.

How can you champion change and contribute to saving lives?

CCCL has a variety of fundraising programs and projects, all for the sole purpose of raising funds to respond to the core needs of their patients.

Their programs and projects serve in raising part of the annual needed funds for the Center to fulfill its lifesaving mission. Especially due to the current economic situation in Lebanon, the Center is increasing its efforts in terms of partnerships and collaborations in order to be able to sustain and continue its mission. Therefore, it is an essential part for the Center to reach out to all community members both in Lebanon and abroad in hopes of collaborating to support their lifesaving mission.

Ways to contribute and fulfill the CCCL’s mission in saving lives:

  • Gift for Life – End of Year: As one of the most precious gifts is helping children live stronger, healthier and happier lives, the Gift for Life (GFL) program is tailored specifically to donors who are interested in donating in honor of someone. CCCL’s Gift for Life is the perfect thought to leave your gift receivers with a memorable impression. Part of the GFL program, we have a section related especially for company’s end of year gifts. The GFL – End of Year is a program in which companies donate the budget that they have sent for end of year gifts to the Center. In return, companies can customize their own GFL cards and distribute them to their list of clients as gifts. In this way, the company would have donated to the Center in honor of its clients.
  • Partner in Life: The Partner in Life program is an employee – giving program which depends on monthly donations of affordable amounts, automatically deducted from the employees’ payroll. Employees would pledge their monthly donations to the Center. The HR department would then coordinate the collection of pledges. Pledge forms are provided by CCCL & will be distributed to the employees during the presentations and attached to the e-mail circular. As per the employees’ authorization, the company’s accounting department would deduct the specified donation amounts from their salaries on a monthly basis; cash collection or direct bank transfers are possible as well.
  • Corporate Donations: Being solely dependent on donations, we can better reach our goal of treating our dear patients with the valued and crucial support of the corporate community. Companies can exercise social responsibility and compassion towards children with cancer by donating an amount of their choice to the CCCL. Companies donating to CCCL will receive recognition inside our outpatient facility depending on the amount being donated.
  • Naming of Facility: A type of recognition scheme that incorporates extremely high donation amounts that could cover the expenses of building or renovating a room, a wall or a floor at our facility.
  • Cause-related Marketing Program (Proceeds): Among the various fundraising programs, CCCL presents the cause-related marketing program, which is a consumer-driven fundraising opportunity that gives benefit to CCCL, the Partner Company & Consumers alike. The cause-related marketing program highlights the company’s corporate social responsibility through allocating a percentage of sales of a certain product or service to the CCCL; the company will be helping in raising funds for CCCL & in spreading awareness. In parallel, this program will widen the consumer segment of the supporting company since consumers will be driven towards this specific product or service knowing that by acquiring it they will also be supporting a humanitarian cause.

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Only by coming together, we can work out how business can demonstrate bold and responsible leadership aimed at advancing sustainability and the common good, ensuring that no one is left behind.


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