Enhance your preparedness for the next online conference with Dr. Lara Khabbaz

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Ever since the COVID-19 has emerged, we have witnessed tremendous strides for online conferencing in the workforce. And as remote work continues to surge, online conferencing is becoming major part of the “New Normal”.

Nowadays, virtual meetings has become a vital element of our daily work routine. However, it is still easy to fall into the trap of major meeting mistakes. Therefore, online conferencing etiquette is a whole new ball game compared to in person meetings.

To help you in enhancing your preparedness for the next online conference or meeting, we have compiled a list of the key takeaways of the third segment of Dr. Lara Khabbaz’s workshop focused on online conferencing etiquette.

Online Conferencing Etiquette: Getting Started

  • The number one rule: Test your equipment and connection
  • Appearance is key: Have a proper lighting, position yourself at the center of your camera to make yourself visible, and most importantly dress properly.
  • The golden rule: Be prepared and log in before the meeting starts!

Embrace the meeting: Top tips and hacks

  • Be present and pay attention: When you hop on the meeting, introduce yourself and say hi – just make sure not to disturb someone’s mid-sentence.
  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking
  • Put your phone aside, and most importantly don’t eat and drink
  • Say no to multitasking; stick to the agenda, stay focused and participate
  • Pause for others and allow them to voice themselves
  • Keep in mind that the equation is quite simple = It’s about efficiency and mutual respect!


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