Enhancing Diversity within Organizations – HR Workshop

In partnership with ProAbled team, GCNL hosted an HR Training workshop to create an intensive educational experience about people with disabilities in the Lebanese workplace.

Based on the UN Global Compact’s Human Rights and Labour principles and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities, this workshop brought together HR managers from leading companies in Lebanon to discuss equal opportunity employment, specifically addressing the inclusion of people with disabilities in the Lebanese workforce.

“The aim of this workshop is to promote the rights of persons with disabilities and enhance diversity within organizations in Lebanon to hold them accountable towards the SDG standards and to give consideration to marginalized and disadvantaged people in their companies,” opened Dr. Dima Jamali, GCNL’s president.

The workshop began with an interactive activity, where Ms. Jane Abi Saad, HR coordinator at ProAbled split the attendees into groups and asked, “Which of these jobs can a person with hearing impairment perform?” as she pointed to a list of 30 jobs. This activity was followed by guidelines on accommodating a person with hearing impairment, visual impairment and physical disability in the workplace. “ProAbled people are enthusiastic and want to fulfill themselves by being productive,” concluded Mr. Samer Sfeir, Co-founder and managing director at ProAbled.

Mr. Ralph Khoury, division HR and administration manager at Sanita explained ways Sanita provides physical accessibility, to encourage the attending organizations to adopt such methods. These techniques include reserved parking spaces, safe passageways and floor designations and WC accommodations. “We have a thorough method to recruit candidates with disabilities, practicing equity and career progression in the process,” explained Mr. Khoury.

The event concluded with Ms. Dina Harake, GCNL’s Executive Director handing the attendees Certificates of Participation to honor their invaluable and active participation in the workshop.


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