Focus Group on SDG 14

On July 10, Global Compact Network Lebanon hosted a focus group on SDG 14 Life Below Water in partnership with the Swedish Embassy and the support of UNDP. The discussion focused on challenges and updates regarding the SDG 14 in Lebanon and presented recommendations on the report drafted by the network. Stakeholders from several sectors attended this event, including MP Georges Okaiss and representatives from the public sector, private sector, academia, non-governmental organizations and UN agencies.

Dr. Dima Jamali, president of Global Compact Network Lebanon, started the discussion by highlighting the importance of the SDG 14, the least tackled SDG by the public and private sectors. His Excellency Mr. Jorgen Lindstrom, ambassador of Sweden in Lebanon focused on all factors that need to be taken into consideration concerning the protection of the Life Below Water and towards achieving the UN2030 agenda. These considerations include but are not limit to solid waste, waste water, sea filling, over fishing.

Ms. Yosra Albakkar, regional program manager in the MENA unit, Sida introduced recent water projects in the MENA region. The opening remarks were followed by a roundtable discussion to identify problems, solutions, recommendations and insights related to the SDG 14.


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