Why & How to report on the SDGs

Do you understand the value of your organisation contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but are uncertain how to measure and report effectively on impact and progress? 

Once again, the Global Compact Network Lebanon team is here to guide you through this mandatory process by hosting a training workshop that will not only facilitate your accomplishing of the mentioned task but will also authenticate the impact your organization is generating towards prosperous sustainability.

Integrating the SDGs into business and reporting processes can help improve your organisation’s decision-making and drive performance. It will also help you meet the increasing demands from stakeholders — such as Governments, investors, employees and customers.

This workshop will discuss common questions on how to identify and prioritize SDG targets most relevant for your organisation, and how to define SDG-related report content in alignment with recognized principles and standards.

Grounded in practical examples from leading companies, participants will be encouraged to engage, ask questions and to reflect on how the shared lessons can be applied to their own organisational’s context. 

Therefore, after conveying how fundamentally a proper reporting process adds justice to your appreciated hard work, we expect to see you on September 6.

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