GCNL Sub-Committees: Call for Nominations

Are you a professional with knowledge on organizational change and business innovation or know someone within your network?

Under the scope of adapting best practices and increasing active participation to the Network, GCNL with the guidance of our Board of Directors have introduced this year three sub-committees that will be directly involved to the outgrowth and expansion of the network. 

The primary function of the committees is to contribute to the efficient operation of the GCNL. They serve as a channel of professional advice within their focus area of expertise, and identify new opportunities for change and improvement.

The committees include:

  • Financial & Governance committee
  • Programs committee
  • Outreach & Networking committee 

If you wish to apply or nominate someone within your network to one of the sub-committees, please reach out to our participant and outreach coordinator on: [email protected]


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