GCNL’s Special Appeal for the NPTP

Published on May 20, 2020

With 30 days of our NPTP campaign behind us, it is with great joy that we announce that we have raised an approximate amount of 200 million LBP. All the money that has been donated and will be donated is going to help Lebanese families living under the poverty line, with only 4$ or less a day per person.

We’d like to reiterate that we have started this campaign in partnership with the World Food Program, a very credible partner, and seeking to demonstrate the role of the private sector in Lebanon in undertaking sustainability initiatives and assuming a leading socially responsible role especially in times of crises.

Our campaign has been running on classical and social media, encouraging Lebanese citizens to send in and rack up funds and support. As a campaign started by GCNL, and since we represent the private sector, it is now in your hands to show support and help to alleviate poverty and hunger (SDG 1 and 2).

Poverty rates in Lebanon are rising every day, reaching almost a staggering 50%, and more and more people are in need of dire help to afford a simple meal on their table. With that said, this campaign is not over and is still in need of your active support and encouragement.

Hence, we urge you to show some support for our campaign through the donations that you can afford and share our online campaign on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, by using the hashtag الليرة_ بتشبع#. Donations can be symbolic, or substantive, and they can be channeled through the company budget, through employee donations,  through encouraging your supply chain partners, or any number of creative ideas you might find suitable.


The above visual holds all needed bank information for donations.

الليرة بتشبع

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