Global Money Week at Bank Audi

March 26 – April 5, 2019

Global Money Week is an internationally recognized initiative by Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI), working to provide children and youth around the world with access to financial services, enhance their awareness of economic rights, and empower them to build their assets, invest in their future, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

Bank Audi undertook this initiative under the theme  “Learn.Save.Earn.” to empower the youth by being economically equipped and reduce the inequality gaps to help build a brighter future. 

GCNL took part of this program to share the mission of UNGC as part of the CSR initiative done by Bank Audi with approximately 600 grade 11 students from various schools (public & private) across Lebanon, during 5 days. Our team including Mrs. Dina Harake, Dr. Hasan Younnes, Ms. Sarah Issa, Ms. Bruna Elias & Ms. Eppy Kurkjian attended on each day during the week at the Beirut Head Office and presented amongst students, highlighting the importance and relevance of the youth to CSR, SDGs & GCNL’s mission.


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