How Business Can Identify Opportunities For Further Climate Action

On August 21 and 22, Global Compact Network Lebanon (GCNL) in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Green Mind and Lebanon Climate Act (LCA) hosted a workshop under the title Accelerating Action Towards SDG 13, to raise awareness on climate change and encourage network members from the private sector to engage in climate action.

On the first day of the workshop, GCNL President Dr. Dima Jamali, Green Mind President Mrs. Nada Zaarour, and LCA President Mr. Wael Hmaidan inaugurated the workshop with opening remarks that emphasized the importance of transformational change through sustainable practices. Our opening speakers based their arguments in alignment with the “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report”, the Paris Agreement, and the principles of the Climate Action Summit, taking place in the UN headquarters this September, to validate the significance of progressing towards a low-carbon global economy.

Dr. Jamali delivering an influential opening speech the morning of August 21, at the Climate Action Workshop encouraging businesses to orient their practices towards the SDGs.

In the words of GCNL Executive Director Mrs. Dina Harake: Nature does not negotiate and the cost of inaction exceeds the cost of climate action.

Mrs. Harake commencing the second day of the Climate Action Workshop with concrete facts on how businesses can profit from climate action.

In this spirit, and among two days, 50 of our highly devoted network members participated in our workshop, to establish a tangible vision on how each member can efficiently contribute to not only saving the future of our planet, but also that of their companies’ prosperity. 

Mrs. Yara Daou (UNDP) explained generally about climate change as an introduction. In line with the core objective of her lecture, she illuminated on the concept of climate action as a viable strategic business opportunity; in this manner, she further explained how to incorporate such action into a company’s business agenda.

Mrs. Yara Daou introducing Climate Change as a business opportunity

Moreover, Mrs. Daou elaborated on how companies can assess their carbon footprint, and opened the room for group exercises that allow the participants to test their understanding of how to carry on such significant calculations.

One of the many benefits of holding these group-works is having network members build on potential partnerships over the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs).

Moreover, Mrs. Lea Kai (UNDP) elaborated on the steps to develop a climate action plan, how to make it reactive to the needs of
governments, communities and investors, and lastly how to monitor and measure this impact.

Mrs. Lea Kai guiding the network members with their group activities

As the two days passed, leaders of the private sector went back to their companies with a capacity-building opportunity that thrives to not only support climate action but also sustain business profits in a transformed economy that nurtures on low-carbon sustainable policies.


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