“I Can: Taking Responsibility to Find Meaning through Chaos”

On Wednesday June 2, the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon organized its second YSIP Expert Talk under the theme: “I Can: Taking Responsibility to Find Meaning through Chaos”. Aside from the intensive technical workshops and mentorship sessions of the YSIP accelerator programme, our YSIP participants got a unique chance to listen to a new topic aiming at helping them to broaden their emotional intelligence thinking and boost their positive mindset.

Curated and delivered by the Transformation Life Coach, Imad Abou Khalil, the session was a deep dive into the trendiest and emerging acronym: VUCA, short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Throughout this session, Life Coach Imad provided the participants with practical thinking tips that can accelerate the way towards adopting a new inner world and hence a new mindset so they can enhance their resilience when encountering a challenging complex situation.

Key takeaways: Developing a new mindset    

  • Manage your inner representations: Any challenging situation has many interconnected parts and variables. The volume or nature of these variables might be profoundly overwhelming to process and address. One life-altering coaching tip by coach Imad is that people need to learn to monitor the way they perceive events. Managing and controlling your inner representations towards a particular event through adopting a positive mindset and the “I can” attitude might change the equation. Building and collecting enough resources and information is definitely a winning approach to addressing complexity. At the end of the day and as the saying goes: What you feel you entice!
  • Be Responsible for how you decide to react to the event: Throughout the session, Imad emphasized the importance of practicing our free will in making conscious choices to face the challenges we are facing, and then taking practical actions to actualize them. He stressed that this can only happen by adopting responsibility first and believing in the defiant power of the human spirit. 

“You don’t have to change the world, but you certainly have the ability within you to change your world”! Imad Abou Khalil


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