Innovation in the face of adversity

The successive crises that have hit Lebanon during the past 13 months have submerged most of us in a state of emotional paralysis. Like most Lebanese, the 4th of August was a turning point that made me think of how can we turn the crisis into an opportunity. This is how The Hope Project was born bringing Lebanese talents together for a cause in support of affected small businesses through the Beirut Relief Initiative.

This initiative launched by the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon aims to restore a vital element of the Lebanese economy and reinforce sustainable support to a shattered sector of the nation through a fund supporting SMEs.

With the support of a group of volunteers, we succeeded in launching an e-store website selling and promoting Lebanese products whereby a percentage from every item sold was directed to this fund. The website markets a variety of products made by local designers, grouped into various categories compassing fine jewelry, clothing, handmade accessories for women and kids, home décor and paintings.

What started as a small initiative grew into a collective effort attracting more and more collaborators, receiving substantial support from the community with whom our message of hope and solidarity seemed to resonate. The whole journey was fascinating. Echoes of this project soon became the talk of the town, and The Hope Project was featured at one of the leading Lebanese broadcasting TV channels which garnered even further awareness and brought a new stream of collaborations.

The Hope Project testifies to the ability of the Lebanese to overcome hardships and defy difficulties, it proves that by joining our wills we can pump blood into the veins of the Lebanese economy. My message is that an alternative exists; it lies within each and every one of us. If if there’s a lesson to be learned, it is that the collaborative effort of Lebanese talents can overturn any crisis into a success story full of hope.

Written by:

Sary Khachouf


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