An Insiders Look on LibanPost’s Business Practices and Policies aimed at Expanding the Gender Equality Dimension

On 8 March, every year, LibanPost is keen to highlight International Women’s Day, by offering a rose, a symbolic gift, sending a gentle message to its staff, making a public statement to highlight the occasion, or organizing a full event. In its own way, it is keen to set the tone about the company’s intent to offer a gender equal working environment. In a male dominated industry worldwide, such as the postal sector, LibanPost takes pride in having reversed the traditional hierarchical erosion of women’s representation at the top, as it counts 30% of women overall and 50% at the managerial and executive levels.

To lead the way, LibanPost volunteered to take part in a pilot study led by the LLWB and the ILO in Lebanon on gender parity, in 2019. Its practices were screened to check their gender equal conformity, its staff was questioned about its perception on gender parity within the company, its internal and external communication and training were audited to ensure gender parity. The company progressively adopted more evolved family-friendly practices such as flextime, part-time (where applicable),  unpaid leave, moving work location closer to home, breastfeeding hour, paternity leave…

LibanPost takes pride in having hired a first female letter carrier in 2016, a position from which women were absent in the past, and to have promoted one of them to be in charge of a full distribution center.

Thanks to its inclusive policies and culture, the company is committed to equal employment opportunity, equal promotion and equal pay practices.

All these efforts were recognized on the international scene as the UNGC awarded its Chairman a prize, in 2018, in New-York, for being SDG Pioneer in “Gender Equality and Economic Inclusion”.

As a WEP signatory, LibanPost’s decision makers believe that, on top of the unarguable social fairness and ethical reasons behind pushing for gender equality, it makes business sense and is the only way to fully embrace the future!   

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