Introductory workshop for CSOs in Lebanon on NGO Empowerment for Poverty Reduction Program

Global Compact Network Lebanon organized on Thursday October 21 an “Introductory workshop for CSOs in Lebanon on NGO Empowerment for Poverty Reduction Program”, in partnership with Live Love Beirut, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD).

NGO Empowerment for Poverty Reduction is a project financed by ISFD, managed by IsDB and implemented by UNDP. Under this project, IsDB and ISFD launched the Tadamon platform, whose objective consists in empowering Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). This platform is already active in 57 countries.

Tadamon is a web-platform that lists high-quality CSOs and provides them with visibility; the initiative also embodies an educational program that makes CSOs better at what they’re doing. Tadamon additionally consists in a bridge between different countries, CSOs and stakeholders. In this way, Tadamon counts on all the necessary tools to be the platform where “good organizations become better” as it is stated in their motto.

This project arrives to Lebanon at the most opportune moment, in a country where the August 4 blast devastated families, homes and businesses, who were already struggling in a context of economic crisis, social instability, and COVID pandemic. The country needs its NGOs to act in a renewed and more efficient way and this is precisely what is achieved through the Tadamon community. This project includes a process of mapping national CSOs, a program to build the capacity of these CSOs, the promotion of innovative and transformative projects and a crowdfunding academy with a platform to access finance and donors’ communities.

The workshop was enriched by the insertion of brief presentations on highly interesting topics. Firstly, Samer Jamal, from the Instagram team, shared his insights on how CSOs can benefit from social media to collect funds efficiently and effectively. Rawad Rizk (UNDP) talked about supporting CSOs with alternative finance, focusing on crowdfunding. Eddy Bitar (Live Love Beirut) offered a stimulating presentation on how Live Love Beirut jumped from social media to social action and how they create impact precisely by building communities. Finally, Assem Abi Ali, General Supervisor of LCRP, discussed the essential role of CSOs in the exit plan for the current crisis.

GCNL will spare no opportunity for the sake of mobilizing domestic resources and building bridges on relief and economy betterment. We encourage our Members and friends to sign up and become part of the Tadamon community.


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