Launching the New Crowd-funding Campaign in Support of NPTP: الليرة بتشبع

The following is the official press release on the launching of the الليرة بتشبع campaign in support of the National Poverty Targeting Program (NPTP)

Beirut | April 15

The UN Global Compact Network of Lebanon (GCNL) officially launched its new campaign “الليرة بتشبع” in collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP) to support a two-month crowd-funding campaign, led by the private sector in Lebanon, in support of the National Poverty Targeting Program (NPTP).

The NPTP is an ongoing social assistance program developed by the Office of the President of the Council of Ministers to support the most vulnerable Lebanese families living under the extreme poverty line. Led by the technical partners, the World Bank and the World Food Program (WFP), the NPTP is intended to provide the poorest 44,000 families in Lebanon with holistic support in three core areas, namely, health, education, and food assistance. The mentioned target was identified based on transparent scientific criteria and proper needs-assessment monitored by the World Bank.  

In 2018, the poverty rate in Lebanon was reported as 30% of the population. Today, and with the exacerbating economic crisis and the social repercussions of the corona-virus pandemic, the poverty rate in Lebanon has escalated to an alarming 45%, with almost half of the population living beneath 4$/day. In collaboration with WFP, GCNL realized the urgency to reinforce and support the National Poverty Targeting Program particularly the food assistance component, as an emergency approach to counter the increase in poverty.

Since last year, the outreach of the NPTP was 15,000 families (out of 44,000) all of whom receive assistance from the Electronic Card Food Voucher System, monitored by the World Bank and WFP. Given the deteriorating socio-economic situation in Lebanon, thousands of families dropped beneath the poverty line with no available means for social support. In this regard, the “الليرة بتشبع” crowd-funding campaign was designed to financially support the food assistance component of the NPTP, and to scale up the distribution of the electronic food voucher cards to benefit more struggling families, beyond the 15,000 already covered. In the span of two months, donations will be open to both the local citizens and the Lebanese diaspora. As a result, the collected money will directly and immediately be transferred to WFP’s fund.

The الليرة بتشبع crowd-funding campaign is led by GCNL (representing the private sector in Lebanon) in collaboration with the WFP.  GCNL is a UN-affiliated network, which comprises more than 140 of the largest and most credible businesses in Lebanon, under the leadership of their progressive CEOs, working to support various social and environmental projects. The private sector in Lebanon was keen on assuming a distinctive responsibility in endorsing this campaign. Therefore, the support of the private sector is fundamental and indispensable as we kick-off the الليرة بتشبع campaign.  

In parallel to the crowd-funding website, a TV commercial and social media campaign involving 100 social media influencers were designed as a package to attract an optimal amount of engagements and contributions. Promoting the message will be the nation’s most admired influencers and public figures who will not only donate but also ask their viewers to contribute with as many or as little as 5,000 LBP.

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All funds will be collected on the subaccount GCNL (NATIONAL POVERTY TARGETING FUND) with the respective information:

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Account Nb: 00940352 0005


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Account Nb: 00940352 0006



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