Leaders Summit 2021 Regional Breakout Session

Creating Value through Partnerships: the Case of the Middle-East

This session will shed light on efforts made by change makers as well as on pioneering approaches that leverage the global goals to build innovative and experimental partnerships.  

3 key takeaways for businesses to use following the session:

  • Promote an active dialogue among stakeholders on ways to leverage partnerships so as to generate impact on the SDGs 
  • Discover valuable guidelines and recommendations which have emerged from partnership monitoring and analysis around the SDGs 
  • Explore opportunities for financing of partnerships through diversification of sources

A Special Intervention on Partnering from Lebanon

Robin Richa will address the power of partnerships and their impact in generating collective solutions to complex problems. He will highlight how the civil society can leverage capacity building to institutionalize public-private partnerships on national and regional levels. His intervention will delve into the interplay between partnerships and innovation in both financial and technological sectors. He will dive into the pivotal role of establishing a clear and robust framework for effective and efficient partnerships.

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