In order to achieve the SDGs, collaboration needs to take place at a scale not witnessed before. The 2030 Agenda highlights the importance of strengthening institutions and governance in Global Compact Network Lebanon’s (GCNL) pledge to leave no one behind.

GCNL hosted the fifth edition of the Lebanon Collaboration for the SDGs on Wednesday May 29, 2019. The conference addressed ongoing initiatives dedicated for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Lebanon with a focus on Environment & Anti-Corruption through a line-up of highly acclaimed stakeholders. 

The event started with the opening speech, Mrs. Dina Harake, calling everyone to get involved in the fight against Environment and Corruption calling for more ambitious steps to be taken, and for appreciation of the urgent need for change in order to protect the planet.

Mr. Philippe Lazzarini, UN Resident and Coordinator gave his speech, saying that when talking about the  Environment,“ We shouldn’t talk anymore about Climate Change, we should talk about Climate Crisis. We don’t have a planet B”.

Mr. Khalil Daoud, Chairman & Managing Director of LibanPost , the second keynote speaker of the day, talked about the great accomplishments of LibanPost in fighting corruption. He emphasized on how “You don’t need to wait for a change, take actions “. 

GCNL showcased a video launching the Second Annual SDG Milestone’s Awards; this competition aims to recognize organizations and businesses who are doing exceptional work to integrate and advance action towards the 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals and the UNGC 2030 agenda! The results will be announced during GCNL’s 3rd annual Multi-Stakeholder SDG Forum in October.

On this note, GCNL will collect entries from businesses across sectors and highlight some of the amazing progress done by both the private and public sector towards solving the most pressing environmental, social & economic challenges of our time. These accomplishments will then be published in GCNL’s booklet: “Zooming on SDG Trends in Lebanon” which will showcase all the best practices of GCNL’s Network Members throughout the year.

Dr. Hasan Youness introduced the first panel participants and moderator Ms. Lea Abou Jaoude, Project Manager of Climate Change Projects at UNDP. The fist panel was on Environment featuring Marc Beyrouthy, CEO of Nature by Marc Beyrouthy,  Mrs. Michele R. Chammas Garouzim, CIO at MEDCO, Mr. Elie Gebrayel. Chairman and GM at Erga Group and Mr. Giles De Clerk, Executive Partner at Euromena Funds. The key comments of the panel revolved around the ways companies can implement climate change actions in their sustainability plan through sustainable architecture, sustainable investments targeted for the environment and many more initiatives taken at an individual level in the purpose of embracing the environment and changing consumption patterns and habits.

The second panel was on Anti-Corruption, moderated by Ms. Rania Uwaydah Mardini, Vice Chair of the Lebanese Transparency Association and lecturer at the American University of Beirut. The panelists were Mr. Teymour Salam, Dar Group General Counsel, Mr. Badri El Meouchi, Chairman of the Lebanese Transparency Association and the Head of Excellence in Governance Lebanon (Tamayyaz), Mr. Abdul Rahman Batakji, General Counsel at Deloitte Middle East and Mr. Frederic Chemaly,Corporate Secretary at Malia Group.  The panel’s key comments revolved around the need for corporations in correcting the attitudes towards corruption  by embracing the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance. Authorities should be accountable for their decisions and actions, and that those engaging in corrupt action should expect to be subject to the rule of law. In order to achieve a successful anti corruption policy, one has to have a lot of passion, perseverance and the ability to not take no for an answer.

Key takeaways were handed out after the closing, which highlighted all the best practices and guidelines for companies to protect the environment and fight corruption. They involved guidelines provided by UNDP and Dar Group. 


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