Malia Group: the first private company in the region to move the Lebanese Vaccination Campaign a step forward

The number of Covid-19 cases has tremendously increased since February 21, 2020 to reach a Total of 491,894 cases today with a death total reaching 6661.

Immunization with a safe and efficient COVID-19 vaccine has become a critical milestone for Lebanon to reduce COVID-19-related hospitalizations and deaths and to help restore societal functioning. The national vaccination plan till date have covered 4.1% for the first dose and in total 2.2% for both doses combined. Returning to a normal work environment is becoming a must in a country facing critical economic situation in all sectors combined.

Pandemic vaccination response planning requires collaboration among the public and private sector. In this scope, the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health approved Sputnik V Vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization, and allowed its importation by the private sector.

Complementing the national efforts, Malia Group took the initiative to vaccinate the working population to support in enhancing the country’s economic wheel.

Success Factors:

  • Unique Initiative: The only Private sector in the region that moved the Lebanese vaccination plan a step forward.
  • Investment: Securing an investment in foreign currencies despite the country economical challenge.
  • Vaccination program planning and implementation: Enrolling a broad vaccine administration network for increased access, covering all regions in Lebanon.
  • Dedicated workforce of Physicians, Pharmacists and Hospitals all engaged to ensure the vaccination program is followed as per procedures.

Technical Challenges:

  • Vaccine Storage and Handling: Because pandemic vaccine is a valuable asset, it is essential to minimize vaccine loss and account for every dose. Vaccines are temperature-sensitive and must be stored and handled correctly to ensure efficacy. The planning team is working closely with each vaccination center to ensure that procedures are followed.
  • Training of COVID-19 vaccination centers: This step is vital to ensure the success of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program, taking into consideration the cold chain management, vaccine administration flow, social distancing and sanitation measures.

A safe vaccination program has broad medical and socioeconomic benefits. Malia Group, under its Pharmaceutical branches, Pharmatrade and Pharmaline, is committed to stand by the Lebanese working population and their families to navigate through the pandemic into a safer community.


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