Meet Our Expert Line Up of YSIP Mentors

Mahdi Nehme

Mahdi Nehme is a Business Analyst and Consultant, with over 7 years of experience in the MENA region. The passion for what he does surpasses the maximum desire an average person has toward their job.  This passion is what makes him such a dedicated and ambitious person to his field and anything related to it.  Being a curious person motivates him to continue learning and creating new things. In the Young SDG Innovators Programme, Mahdi Nehmi is mentoring the Innovators Team of Modon Group.

Lynda Mouawad

Lynda’s strongest passion is serving entrepreneurs, small business and startups to grow and reach higher revenue. This was the reason behind her actual position as international certified business coach, at ActionCOACH, the number one business coaching firm worldwide. She‘s as well partner at Lead Race Engineering SAL. She believes that education empowers people especially youth, with the knowledge and values they need to build a better world therefore she seeks every opportunity to support them. Working with NGOs like INJAZ Lebanon, C2C, DOT, Nawaya etc is the way she chooses to achieve this target. In addition to being a team member at Centre MINE – Lebanese University. She’s a defender of gender equality. With more than 12 years of professional work experience mainly in the Automotive sector, Lynda is a part time instructor at the Antonine University & Global Business School Barcelona GBSB (Virtual courses).
Lynda has a Master Degree in Finance from the Lebanese University in collaboration with University Pierre-Mendes France, Grenoble II and Aix-Marseille.
She’s currently perusing her PhD in business. In the Young SDG Innovators Programme (YSIP), Lynda is mentoring the BLF’s Innovators Team.

Lara Khabbaz

Lara is a passionate researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the Marketing and Communication industry. She has also researched and lectured in topics related to Organizational Development and Change, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). She participated in several national and international conferences and workshops as a speaker, trainer and reviewer, naming the Academy of Management (AOM), EURAM, ADERSE, Annual ODC Conferences by ISEOR and IAE Lyon 3, among others . 

Lara is co-founder and managing partner at INSIGHTS’ For Consultancy and is currently occupying the role of Director of Marketing at Notre Dame University-Louaize.  In this YSIP journey, Lara is mentoring the Fattal’s Innovators Team.

Ursula Hage

Ursula El Hage is Lebanese and honorary citizen of Ecuador. She is an EDBA candidate at Paris Dauphine-USJ and an MBA holder from IDE Business School, Ecuador. Currently, Ursula is a quality expert at Université Saint-Joseph and an expert and lecturer on Innovation and Quality Management. Previously, former Vice-President of CODEFE, the Ecuadorian partner of EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) of which she is Trainer and Award Lead Assessor. Co-founder of the European Management Center in Ecuador and Entrepreneurship Center Founder Director at IDE Business School (IESE group). At the Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador, she has served as Head of the Innovation Office responsible for the conception of the National E-government Plan, the Procedure Simplification Process, and the National Program for Excellence. In this year’s edition of the Young SDG Innovators Programme, Ursula is mentoring the BLC’s Innovators Team.

Fadi Naffah

With 17 Years of International experience, Fadi works across multiple fields in developing entrepreneurship and today specialises in working with companies in the fields of Growth Strategy and Tech Innovation. He is also actively involved within the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), where he acts as both a business mentor helping start-ups in the five continents and as the WBAF Business School Secretary general for the Mentorship Department. 

He is a business consultant on the Stanford Seed Transformation program, and Business Mentor with the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), The Purpose Alliance – Luxembourg, Mowgli Foundation – UK, Tony Elumelu Foundation – Africa and Askybird – Middle East. On top of being the Director of Lebanon Enterprise Development program at Berytech, the leading business and innovation centre in Lebanon.

Fadi was the Program Manager of Agrytech, the first Agri-Food Innovation Hub in the Middle East funded by the Dutch government. In the Agrytech portfolio, Fadi supported more than 40+ start-ups to validate in the market and scale-up and helped more than 30+ SME’s to integrate innovation into their value proposition. 

With an Executive MBA from ESCP Europe, backed by a Master of Engineering in Telecommunication and Computer Science, along with Project Management Certification (PMP) and Business Incubation Management certification, Fadi strives to make a difference by Helping Start-ups, Scale-up, and SME’s delivering results. In this YSIP journey, Fadi is mentoring the Innovators team of ITG.

Patricia Kebbeh

Patricia Kebbé is a business marketing development Consultant, Trainer and Mentor with more than 25 years of experience inspiring people, moving products and brands forward. 

Patricia has spent most of her career with major multinational companies and agencies, holding a number of senior strategic and management positions in marketing and offline/online communications. 

During that time, she has worked with such well-known multinational brands as Unilever, Nestlé, L’Oréal and Johnson & Johnson. 

She than founded, developed, managed and franchised a unique F&B Concept: “GOU Restaurant & Salon de Thé” for which she was Finalist to the “Business of the Year”​ Award and won the First Prize of “How to be an Entrepreneur”​ Workshop.

Today, she brings the thinking and discipline of big business marketing and product development to train, coach and consult Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Social Enterprises and NGOs. 

Recent projects undertaken for: Fair Trade Lebanon (MEPI and UN Women), OXFAM (Badael), AUB Faculty of Agriculture ESDU (WFP, UNDP, ENI CBCMED- European Union) and Berytech (Coach at Impact Rise Program). In this YSIP journey, Patricia is mentoring LBACC’s Innovators Team.

Rudy Shoushany

Rudy has a wide 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field in the financial sector. He is a specialist in IT Governance, Compliance and Cybersecurity. He has been recently selected among the top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influences. In this SDG learning journey, Rudy is mentoring the Alfa Innovators Team.

Maurcie Mouawad

A top tier business leader with excellent strategic & operational leadership experience in business management at the global level with cumulative expertise cutting across business verticals. Maurice brings assortment of experience in business development and project management in the private sector mainly in the MSME ecosystem, managing the organizational and commercial interests in the Middle East and Levant markets.

Maurice’s interest in the recent years has been focused on helping entrepreneurs in their scaling journey and investment readiness, helping them in developing a viable business model and escorts them through coaching and training. He carries a generalized business advisory profile, 360 degree  rounder  that  can  provide  swift  results  and  align  business  requirements with strategic objectives. As cross-functional expert, leading intricate projects from initiation into closure while engaging in fieldwork with multivariate technically skilled teams. For the past couple of years,  Maurice  started  focusing  on MSME ecosystem, supporting and advising MSMEs in their export and business development journey.

On top of the advisory / consultancy services, Maurice has been delivering training and coaching sessions through different programs and different disciplines.

Currently Maurice is an CFA candidate working on the Investment Program in finance on top of two masters degrees acquired, one in Computer Science and another in Business Administration, further, a member of the CMC global institute.

As a consultant and true believer in experience and knowledge sharing, coaching and training, Maurice considers tacit knowledge transfer an imperative for guidance and leadership. Thus, he highly cherishes teamwork and apply interpersonal skills in favor of team development and support.

An entrepreneur by instinct, a social vibrant advocating economic impact and sustainability, enjoys identifying and developing business opportunities professionally while collaborating  and  stakeholders’  matchmaking,  building  bonds  and  raising  awareness  on opportunities that can generate spillover effect. In the 2021 YSIP journey, Maurice is mentoring Engineering & Building Co. EBCO (BITAR) Innovators’ Team.


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