Outcome of the SDG Research

Background Information:

The American University of Beirut (AUB) is known for many laudable services including its own research department. Acknowledging this, we the Global Compact Network Lebanon (GCNL) in collaboration with AUB decided last year to capitalize on this golden opportunity by issuing a Call for Proposals regarding the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to all AUB professionals. The objective behind this was to receive various proposals on concrete projects and actions that can significantly advance the SDGs specifically by mobilizing action-oriented research.

After a careful and objective selection process, GCNL along with AUB only chose the winning teams among all applicants to continue through the next stage of elaborating on their innovative research project. GCNL awarded the winners a research sponsorship to help enhance the development of SDG projects that have practical applications.

After almost a year of substantial effort, the time has finally arrived to unveil the fundamental findings of the SDG researchers.

Join us on September 18 as we celebrate the successful outcome generated by the AUB winners who will be presenting their SDG research at FAFS Michel and Sherine Bayoud Lecture Hall from 1 pm till 3 pm.

We hope to share this enlightening experience with you.

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