The second module of SDG Ambition, entitled Business Case & Metrics, was held on Thursday, January 20nd, 2022, in collaboration with the Global Compact Network UAE and KSA, and focused on developing supporting metrics and becoming equipped to build a business case for an SDG Ambition Benchmark.

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In this session, participants were able to understand and identify the pathways, actions, and sub-goals needed to achieve their set SDG Ambition Benchmarks and learned how to generate buy-in at their company.

They discussed the different pathways built, achieve their ambitious targets, as well as the risks and disruptions that may occur to their current business process, in order to have a better understanding of the support needed to achieve their SDG Ambition Benchmark.

Outcome of this Module

  • Apply their learnings from the previous on demand session
  • Build out potential pathways and actions for their SDG Ambition Benchmark
  • Create a short list of possible internal stakeholders to engage with

Lebanese Participating Companies


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