SDG Brain Lab – Data Hub


The Data Hub is a space where 76 participating students are being prepared to practice and advance research for social impact.

In their journey, the participants will be provided with the best means and tools to strengthen their skill-set and knowledge in order to develop reliable analytical studies.

Session #1: Defining the answers we are looking for


The objectives behind this session, held on November 19th, 2021 was to :

  • Introduce the notion of data and its importance when developing a project
  • Deep dive into each of the 17 SDGs and their respective targets
  • Discuss relevant Lebanese data concerning each of the SDGs and the progress that has been made so far in Lebanon
  • Reflect on the points of interest to start building on the report composition and the answers that need to be addressed


From The World Bank, Ms. Haneen Sayed, Lead Human Development Specialist in the Middle East and North Africa region, talked about the importance of data in planning any project, activity, or program. Ms. Sayed demonstrated to the participants the different aspects of data collection and its extension, the different types of data that could be used in the researches, and the importance of reliability in any executed survey or study.

180 Degrees which is a consulting services company that assists socially-focused organizations to develop innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions, elaborated in a simple, detailed, informative, and interactive way the 17 SDGs, what they stand for, what their targets are and what needs to be done to address each goal relating them to the actual Lebanese situation by providing updated data.

The participants have been set up to be ready to choose the most relevant topics to tackle and develop in their data hub journey.


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