SDG Futures Lab and YSIP Lounge

On June 15th and 16th, during the 2020 Leaders Summit, participants from the Young SDG Innovators program took part in two major events of the virtual summit, the YSIP Lounge and the SDG Futures Lab 

Innovators and champions from different teams and mentors that participated in the program. had a chance to participate in the global summit. They took the virtual stage and shared their projects and experiences with fellow YSIP participants from all over the world.

  • YSIP Lounge

The YSIP lounge was a dynamic virtual stage that showcased the latest thinking around youth and innovation for the SDGs. Attendees had the chance to hear from leading innovators, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs on how to build sustainable business models and technologies focused on SDG innovation.

Some of our YSIP mentors – Ms. Mona Itani, Ms. Aseel Honein, and Mr. Imad Abou Khalil – had the chance to be part of the opening session of the YSIP lounge through a panel discussion moderated by our programs manager Ms. Bruna Elias.

Our YSIP Teams – Alfa, IDS, Fransabank, Holdal and Touch – had the chance to take part in the closing session of the YSIP lounge and pitch their final solutions to the entire audience. 

  • SDG Futures Lounge

The SDG Futures Lab was an opportunity for YSIP Innovators to showcase breakthrough innovations developed during the YSIP program. The projects presented were set to deliver business models that acted as a tipping point for the world we want.

YSIP Team Nokia took part in an SDG Futures session to share the project they developed during YSIP and talk about their experience during the program.


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