Start Up Your Sustainability Impact – Power Breakfast with Berytech

GCNL hosted a Power Breakfast with Berytech, Start Up Your Sustainability Impact at BDD, to create a sustainable and inclusive economy in the presence of network of startups and SMEs. This event invited SMEs to join GCNLs network and get involved in mobilizing a true global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to accomplish the 2030 agenda.

The aim of this event was to take action to drive progress towards advancing sustainability practices nation-wide and connecting members of our community under a common outlook. This event featured five roundtables, each representing a specific sustainability case study and hosting representatives from SMEs. Each roundtable had a moderator, chosen from GCNL’s Board of Directors and Network Members.

Dr. Hasan Youness, Strategic Adivsor at GCNL, started the event with an introduction that showcases GCNL’s mission and milestones. After that, Mr. Ramy Boujawdeh, Deputy General Manager of Berytech and GCNL Ambassador, highlighted how startups and SMEs can grow their businesses with a strategic purpose.

The Case Study Workshop: Start Up Your Sustainability Impact, featured five case studies from top leading companies, IKEA, Nike, PNS, Siemens, and Starbucks. Each of the five tables consisted of eight participants, who were given a case study from those companies. One person representing each table shared the best practices from their chosen top multinational corporation’s growth strategy and sustainability plans.

During the final session of the event, attendees got the chance to meet Berytech’s business advisors who are working on the USAID-LED Project, which aims to develop Lebanese enterprises through providing customized assistance by identifying and solving problems that may be preventing a business from growing.

GCNL believes that Lebanon can contribute to a global vision and hopes to see an engaged Lebanese community of businesses and civil societies that advance sustainability practices nation-wide.


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