The Art of Improvisation

YSIP Expert Talks with Dr. Lara Khabbaz

Understanding Improvisation

Improvisation is the activity of making or doing something that is not planned beforehand. Simply it is a combination of a social art and a craft!


A craft is something that we learn to do through several trails, failing attempts and repetition. Much like any other art, a skill in improvisation advances through multiple practices over time.

The Pillars of Improvisation

  • Preparation
  • Concise and straight to the point content
  • Witty and meaningful messaging
  • The dare to SURPRISE!

The 3Ws Toolkit

Whenever you are in a situation where you need to deliver an unplanned speech, keep in mind the 3Ws improvisation toolkit

The Improvisation Process

Improvisation is not a one-step activity. It is a process that is entailed with interrelated steps:

  • Identify a set of situations
  • Visualize them
  • Identify different scenarios
  • Have your responses prepared
  • Understand and apply the 3Ws toolkit  – the who, why and where
  • And finally stay reminded of the improvisation Do’s and Don’ts

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