The Passport Towards Owning the Stage!

YSIP Expert Talks: Public Speaking, Improvising and Online Conferencing Etiquette by Dr. Lara Khabbaz

Did you know?

According to the US National Institute of Mental Health, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Delivered by Dr. Lara Khabbaz, the first edition of the YSIP Expert Talks focused on Public Speaking, Improvisation and Online Conferencing Etiquette.

Dr. Khabbaz kicked off the session with an icebreaker question asking participants to highlight: why people fear public speaking over death?

Answers evolved as they reached the number one fact which states that fear is not just about public speaking. People simply fear being rejected; they fear being judged based on their looks, attitudes, language, body language, relevance, knowledge and most importantly brain freeze!

A winning passport towards owning the stage: Key Success Factors  

  • Energy: Simply energy is contagious! It is a two folded asset. It generates self-acceptance and even joy in you as a speaker. And it assures your audience that what you say is worth listening to. Remember that your energy introduces you before you even speak, be the energy you want to attract!
  • Trust: Of all the attributes you can show in spoken performance, one is passion for your topic and two is building trust with your audience. Once you cultivate energy from within and reflect on your passion towards the topic, you simply establish mutual trust with your receivers.
  • Eye Contact: Have constant eye contact with your audience. Try to spot positive faces and focus on them at least for the first one minute.
  • Speak from the heart: Making presentations that your audience supports is not a trick– it is simply delivering eloquent, amazing content that touches people deeply and inspires them to reach out and share your message.
  • Simplify the Complex: Put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Another winning strategy for owing the stage is simplifying the language and the concepts in a way that your audience can easily understand.

Mastering the stage: Key tips to elevate your performance

  • Study your topic: Research until you become confidently aware of the topic you are addressing.
  • Improvise: Remember that practice makes perfect!
  • Make it Memorable: Simply lead by example and speak from the heart.

Excited to learn more about Online Conferencing Etiquette? Keep an eye on our next blog post and learn winning tips and hacks from the Communication Expert; Dr. Lara Khabbaz!  


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