Young SDG Innovators Kick Off Event

The actions we take now will shape our society’s future. Facing an unprecedented crisis, one thing is clear – we need to reformulate the equation.

Now more than ever, we need to disrupt the old traditional ways of doing business and leverage on the young generation to unlock innovative and transformative business solutions. Today like never before, the world is in a massive need to a new type of energy and leadership.

The Young SDG Innovators Program aims to activate future business leaders and change makers to rethink traditional business models and deliver tangible solutions aimed at solving SDG challenges within their corporate ecosystem.

This 10 months accelerator program serves as an enrichment track with a blend of learning opportunities. It provides participants with the unique skills aimed at driving sustainability efforts within their companies while utilizing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a catalyst.

On January 29th, GCNL hosted the YSIP kickoff event allowing teams from 8 different companies to engage with each other. It was an opportunity for innovators to reflect on their aspirations and expectations of the program amongst the entire GCNL team and our implementation partners; Nadim Chouicair; Founder of 2030 Cabinet, and Hany Rizk; Founder of NO BS-Innovation studio.

The Kickoff event was inaugurated by an inspirational welcoming remark delivered by our President; Dr. Dima Jamali, highlighting the incremental role of resilience and stress management in times of distress and ambiguity. Dr. Jamali left the participants with a motivational message: “Continue to believe in yourself. Continue to believe in your potential. Continue to believe in your beloved country, Lebanon.”

The floor was then given to Pablo Varela, Global Compact Initiatives Advisor at the UN Global Compact. During his intervention, Pablo emphasized on the importance of developing and adopting a global collective sustainable business agenda aimed at accelerating the way for transformative sustained actions.

The broader aim of this Kickoff event was to enable participants to acquire an in-depth knowledge on this SDG learning journey that paves the way towards optimal results at the end of the YSIP 2021 edition.

The introductory session provided by our Programs Manager; Bruna Elias, capitalized on the scope of work and roles of the pillars of the program: Innovators, Champions, and Mentors. The track of the entire program was then explained including a briefing on the different camps and the topics that will be addressed in the future.

We look forward to seeing what big ideas, transformative business models and innovative new approaches to technology our 2021 YSIP cohorts will unlock and unleash through the program.


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