Young SDG Innovators Program (YSIP)

The YSIP 2019-2020 program is currently ongoing, therefore all sessions are exclusive to the innovators who have already registered and were chosen for the 10-month program. However, stay tuned to know when registration opens for YSIP 2020-2021!

What is the Young SDG Innovators Program?

The Young SDG Innovators Programme (YSIP) is an accelerator to engage your company’s brightest and best talent in advancing sustainability efforts while driving innovation to deliver tangible solutions with potential market value for your company. During the YSIP, young professionals in Global Compact companies work in teams to explore new innovations and learn how to identify opportunities and develop solutions that are relevant to their companies and that advance the SDGs. Companies are able to take advantage of the UN Global Compact’s global-local structure. Teams will have the opportunity to work with and learn from other young professional teams and leading sustainability and innovation thinkers from their country and across the world.



Encourage cross-functional collaboration and increase the capacity of your employees’ ability to think in new ways and embrace breakthrough mindsets that will support them in developing the new ideas, solutions, and models that address your real business needs.


Increase the knowledge and capacity of your future business leaders and nurture “intrapreneurs” within the company by developing their knowledge of sustainable business strategies, drivers and tools.


Set your company and employees to be fit to operate in an ever-changing business environment encouraging the development of concrete projects and solutions that respond to present and future challenges and opportunities related to the SDGs.


Tap into a global network of young Innovators, experts, mentors with the latest case studies and innovative SDG business solutions to achieve the SDGs and take advantage of the market opportunities they present.

Program Features?

Young Professionals work in teams to identify opportunities and develop solutions that are relevant to their companies but have broader application towards innovation in addressing the SDGs.

Activities focus on “learning by doing” and are action-oriented allowing Innovators to apply SDGs innovation to solve real challenges or leverage existing opportunities.

Innovators are matched with Mentors and Experts to guide them in the design, development and testing of solutions.

Solutions are tracked throughout the course of the development cycle to provide inspiration and serve as models for business innovation to achieve the SDGs.

A global network of young professionals is established between the Global Compact companies for continued engagement and promotion of SDGs innovation.

Companies involved in this year’s program

YSIP 2019-2020’s Current Progress

Revealing this year’s masterminds

Meet the Mentors

Meet the Champions

Meet the Innovators

YSIP Experts

Sinan Noureddine: Web and Mobile developer at Lelabodigital. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Vee Smart, an AI company responsible for automating customer service analysis for different industries.    

Randa Farah: Founder of I Have Learned Academy and Co-Founder and Managing Partner at, she is a Specialist in Human Resources Management. Also, she is a University Instructor at USJ of HR and Organizational Psychology courses.

Mario Hachem: Co-Founder & CEO at TEDMOB, he is a Dynamic Innovator & Entrepreneur. Hachem has experience in assisting companies, startups, and entrepreneurs to realize their potential in the mobile space.

Mahdi Mansour: An educational developer and coordinator at the Lycee national schools, a lecturer at the Lebanese University, a Content Manager at Pearson Education Limited. Dr. Mansour has innovated a new teaching strategy, the Light Ball Strategy (LBS).

Lamia Chamas: Senior Project Officer at the Project Administration Office at Berytech, and a unit at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Lamia also holds expertise in environmental policies and strategies.

How to Apply for YSIP 2020-2021?

Registration is currently closed and will open in a couple of months.

Eligibility Criteria:

The program is restricted to the participating companies of both the UN Global Compact and Global Compact Network Lebanon. Then, these participating companies can nominate up to three high-performing young professionals for YSIP as long as they do not exceed the age of 35 years old. In YSIP, we look for young determined employees that have a specific interest in business model innovation in addition to sustainability and disruptive technologies.


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