YSIP Camp 1 – Challenge Identification

On February 18th and 19th, the 1st camp of the Young SDG Innovators Programs (YSIP) capitalized on the systematic process of analyzing and creating tangible business solutions leveraging on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a catalyst for change and innovation.

Due to the inconvenient health situation, the 1st camp was held virtually using meetbutter through which our YSIP Innovators where distributed into different groups to accelerate their knowledge sharing about sustainable business strategies, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices and emerging business challenges.

The 1st day revolved around breakthrough innovation for the SDGs. It capitalized on a creativity exercise aimed at addressing priority areas for the SDGs within the innovators business ecosystem.

The ultimate goal of this exercise was to help participants acquire an in-depth understanding on how businesses can upscale their sustainability targets into an exponential level. This exercise also aimed at helping innovators identify specific SDG challenges within their companies and frame potential solutions in alignment to the defined challenges.

The second day concentrated on helping innovators explore systematic approaches of using the SDGs as a lens for innovation. The first segment of the day emphasized on applying some critical analysis and strategic solving skills on challenges faced by the actual companies of the participants. This has been followed by a Systems Thinking Talk. Through this inspirational talk, innovators gained the opportunity to acquire a profound knowledge on Systems Thinking as a strategic way to help them perceive systems from a broad perspective that includes seeing overall structures, patterns and cycles rather than seeing only specific events within the system.

The second segment entailed group sharing and discussions through which all innovators’ teams were given the sufficient time to pitch their ideas and share their outcomes and the ideation process they used to highlight their companies’ SDG business challenges.

This educational and practical exchange of the participants and their renowned mentors helped in assessing the propositions, building on the gaps and expanding the systematic thinking horizons of our 2021 cohort of Young SDG Innovators beyond the given.


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