Embedding the learnings and skills from the programme into real company strategies!

August 20th marked the last of 5 Sustainable Innovation capacity building camps of the Young SDG Innovators Programme (YSIP). 

Over the course of the year, our cohort of young SDG innovators were equipped with the needed knowledge and skill set on sustainability, lean startup, and design thinking, to help their companies identify opportunities in the many challenges the country’s facing and develop solutions to foster sustainable innovation within the corporate ecosystem. 

The solution themes ranged from e-waste, to environmentally friendly construction, and mental health and wellbeing (among many others). All geared towards serving the Sustainable Development Goals put forth by the UN.⁣

We cannot be any prouder of the teams or humbled by their willpower, motivation, and grit to pursue this path considering all the hardships they’re already facing. 


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