YSIP Global Celebration Event

On Monday June 8, United Nations Global Compact w hosted a YSIP Global Celebration event on Zoom. It was done in honor and celebration of the end of the YSIP program, and featured our own Innovators as speakers during several panels.

Taking place during the Global Intrapreneurs’ Week, this event acted as a great opportunity for innovators from around the world to share and discuss their unique experience during the first ever YSIP program.

Over the course of 2 hours, 3:00pm to 5:00pm local time, the event featured Innovators speaking on their experiences, in addition to several distinctive speakers such as Lise Kingo, Executive Director of UNGC, Anne-Marie Skov, Chairwomanof Tuborg Foundation, and John Elkington, Founder of Volans.

In the first hour of the event, Joseph Matta from team HOLDAL was featured in the session Reflections on Leadership and Innovation, where selected innovators had the chance to share their experiences with other fellow YSIP participants, and pose a question to one of the keynotes.

This was followed by 3 breakout sessions, which presented opportunities for YSIP Innovators to share their experiences for future interested participants. Under the title of “Breakthrough Breakout Sessions”, which focused on YSIP Solutions, breakout sessions fell under the categories of Breakthrough Mindsets, Breakthrough Business Models, and Breakthrough Technology.

  • Breakthrough Technology

The session focused on disruptive technologies and their ability to help achieve the SDGs within the decade. This session also featured Abdul Hamid Meri from team Arabia GIS.

  • Breakthrough Mindsets

The session focused on how to change the way one thinks in order to bridge the gap between existing ways of managing business and achieving the impossible. This session featured Hassan Abou Okdeh from team Fransabank as a rapporteur, and Sary Khachouf from Team BLC.

  • Breakthrough Business Models

The session focused on the importance of sustainable business to capture social values and meet on the world’s needs in time


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