YSIP Innovation Webinar and In-Person Workshop

November 18 & 21, 2019

On November 18, an Innovation Webinar was open to all YSIP participants as a guideline on the first innovation camp that was held later that week. The Webinar was navigated by guest speakers Ms. Nkiruka Chiemelu, Senior Manager of UN Global Compact and Mr. Wissam Kadi, Global Director of SAP Next-Gen Labs. The guest speakers reflected on two important themes: Breakthrough Innovation for the SDGs and How to use the SDGs as a Lens for Innovation.

On November 21, our YSIP innovators met at the first Innovation Camp to brainstorm, analyze and create solutions for their companies based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The camp was held at the College Hall of the American University of Beirut where our YSIP Innovators sat in different groups to share knowledge about sustainable strategies, corporate social responsibility, and addressing business challenges through innovation.

The first segment of the day revolved around prioritizing several SDGs to tackle for a fictional company ZINC INC. The goal of this exercise was to help participants better understand how a company can push its sustainability ambitions to exponential levels to achieve the SDGs. The exercise also aimed at giving participants an initial opportunity to work using the breakthrough pitch format to develop for a fictional company.

The second half of the day concentrated on applying the same critical analysis, and strategic solving skills on challenges faced by the actual companies of the participants. All teams were given sufficient time to pitch in their ideas and share their outcomes and the ideation processes they used to reach their SDG business challenges. This educational exchange of ideas among the participants and the mentors helped in assessing the propositions, building on the gaps, and expanding the thinking horizons of the innovators beyond the given.

The First Innovation Camp was a vibrant guide to young professionals who were empowered to develop skills in communicating SDG business challenges and opportunities to different stakeholders. This will help them at a later stage to identify business challenges in their own companies, allowing them to draft sustainable practices and SDG-oriented policies accordingly.

Leading up to the second innovation camp planned on December 16 and 17, YSIP innovators will be defining and refining their challenges with the help of their champions and mentors.


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