YSIP Solutions Development Camp

January 29 & 30

“Solutions Development” is the third Young SDG Innovators Program (YSIP) camp ensuing two previously-held camps that entirely focused on identifying, defining and refining challenges of the private sector from a sustainable outlook. Held on the 29th and 30th of January at the Beirut Digital District, the “Solutions Development” workshop allowed the innovators-participants of the YSIP program- to start transforming the identified challenges in their companies to sustainably-constructed solutions.

Dr. Bijan Azad introducing the flow of day one of the Third Young SDG Innovators Program (YSIP) Camp at the Beirut Digital District on January 29th.

So what really did our innovators work on in their Third Camp?

Day one of the camp was facilitated by Dr. Bijan Azad who elaborated on how disruptive technologies can impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and can help the innovators push their potential solutions to new levels of innovation. Accordingly, Dr. Azad portrayed real-life examples of companies that capitalize on disruptive technologies, ranging from robotics to blockchain, specifically for SDG innovation.

Dr. Bijan Azad is an Associate Professor at the American University of Beirut and Director of Samih Darwazah Center for Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Following the informative lecture, the innovators indulged in a Challenge Lab, where they met with their mentors to develop their ideas by applying the different disruptive technologies and sustainable business models to their challenges. The afternoon was marked with overall creativity as the innovators surpassed and transcended beyond traditional business-thinking boundaries and instead elaborated on their solution with inventive and sustainable means.

Group Photo of Day One includes the: Innovators and Mentors of this year’s YSIP program, Third Camp’s Facilitator, and both the Executive Director and Programs Manager of GCNL.

Day two of the Solutions Development Camp was facilitated by Dr. Fouad Zablith who emphasized the different steps of persona-based prototyping that can be achieved through the design thinking methodology. The innovators learned how to define a persona’s point of view, explore different alternatives through the process of ideation, and successfully prototype a solution. Additionally, most of the day was allocated to effectively testing and experimenting with the teams’ proposed solutions, empowering the participants to improve their ideas.

Dr. Fouad Zablith, Assistant Professor of Business Information and Decision Systems at the American University of Beirut

The remainder of the day introduced the SDG Solutions Challenge Lab where the innovator teams built on their previous challenge and selected their strongest solutions to present in front of Dr. Zablith, the YSIP Mentors, Executive Director of Global Compact Network Lebanon (GCNL) Mrs. Harake, and GCNL Programs Manager Ms. Elias. The different teams creatively used role-playing techniques to share their potential solutions for the designated challenges that they have successfully refined in the previous camps. Consequently, the innovators were advised on the subsequent steps they need to leverage in order to finalize their solutions.


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