YSIP Training of Trainers (TOT)

Convened on Friday March 19th, the Young SDG Innovators Programme’s (YSIP) Training of Trainers (TOT) explored the tools and approaches for developing and sustaining a systems mindset.

“Reflect to ensure you learn to integrate and speak your own framework, not subordinate to someone else’s framework.” That was the hallmark that represented the core essence and dynamics of the training.

Curated and delivered by YSIP Mentor; Fadi Naffah, this training aimed at exploring systematic approaches for using the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a strategic lens for innovation. This training served as a deep dive into systematic analysis through which it helped participating trainers expand their systems thinking capacities and delve in-depth into structures, patterns and cycles rather than perceiving only specific events within the system.    

During the session, our expert line up of mentors shared the key insights and tools needed to develop and advance a systems mindset for dealing with complex problem solving when addressing thorny challenges.

Key pillars that make up a systems mindset: 

  • Interconnectedness: A fundamental principle of systems thinking is that everything is interconnected. Consequently, everything is reliant upon something else for continuity. For instance: Humans need food, air and water to sustain their bodies, and trees need carbon dioxide and sunlight to thrive.
  • Feedback Loops: Since everything is interconnected, there are constant feedback loops and flows within the elements of a particular system. Systematic thinkers tend to observe, understand and intervene in feedback loops once they understand their types and dynamics.
  • Systems Mapping: Systems mapping is one of the core ingredients of a systems thinking mindset. Systems thinkers identify and map the elements of things within a system to understand how they interconnect, relate and interplay in a complex system. Consequently, unique insights and discoveries can be used to develop tangible solutions, transitional shifts and policy adjustments that will dramatically change the system in the most effective and dynamic way.

Want to know more about our expert line up of our YSIP Mentors?

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