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Read well the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, then sign each one of them
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a- Human Rights
1- Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
2- make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.
Sign Human rights' principles
b- Labour
3- Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;
4- the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour;
5- the effective abolition of child labour; and
6- the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.
Sign labour’s principles
c- Environment
7- Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
8- undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility;
9- encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
Sign environment’s principles
d- Anti-Corruption
10- Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.
Sign Anti-Corruption’s principles
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Choose the goals you want to be part of
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Select your company’s annual contributions
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Choose registration plan
Basic Company profile on UN Global Compact New York
Visibility on the social media if chosen as an SDG Pioneer
Global resources and activities: Basic access
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  • Company profile on the UN Global Compact New York Website:
  • Visibility on the social media if chosen as an SDG Pioneer & Global Compact LEAD
Global resources and activities: Full access
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