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SDG 1 : No Poverty 

Since its inception, 20 years ago, Al Majmoua is providing low-income individuals, particularly women, with affordable financial and non-financial services to fund their activities and build sustainable businesses all over Lebanon.

Financial Services: Al Majmoua was initially created as a micro-credit program by Save the Children in 1994 to finance low-income women entrepreneurs. In 1997, it spun off into a fully autonomous non-governmental organisation.

Non-Financial Services: this department was introduced in 2006. Its services are offered free of charge to borrowers and non-borrowers and aim to provide advice, management trainings and support activities that will help beneficiaries establish or develop their careers as well as finance.

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Below categories show Al Majmoua’s support to women:

Clients: 57%

Employees: 61%

Beneficiaries: 59%

Providing special loan products to support women: The group loan and the individual woman without guarantee loan.

SDG 8 : Decent Work and Economic Growth 

Youth Empowerment Program in partnership with UNICEF and a generous funding from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Al Majmoua was able to launch this program. The main objective was to create opportunities for the youth, including individuals with special needs, to develop their skills at an early stage in life by offering guidance and support from experienced mentors each in the domain of his/her expertise; thus giving participants the chance of being financially and economically productive.


SDG 10 : Reduced Inequalities 

Vulnerable Clients’ Segments (As of June-18):

Refugees (all Nationalities): 19%

Non-Lebanese (excluding Refugees): 4%

In Poverty Pockets: 9%

In Rural Areas: 44%

Borrowers with special needs: 0.4%


SDG 12 : Responsible Consumption and Production 

Laptop Bags: as part of the organization’s social and environmental commitments, sustainable laptop cases were handmade for Al Majmoua by Waste Studio – a company specialized in the sustainable design and manufacturing of bags, accessories, and furniture.


SDG 13: Climate Action 

Alternative Energy Loan: was designed to purchase renewable energy system equipment such as an APS (electricity storage and generator system) from the “Lebanese Sustainable Energy”.




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