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SDG 5 : Gender Equality 

Employees working in the same job position are paid the same rate irrespective of their gender.

Based on Arab Printing Press’s Ethical Policy there is no discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to trainings, promotions, termination or retirement based on gender.


SDG 1: No Poverty 

Financial aid is provided for employees for any social or medical urgent situation they might face.

All employees in the company are registered with the National social security Fund to ensure the medical coverage, the family indemnities and the retirement plan.


SDG 9  : Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 

Installing a new KBA 106 machine in 2014, reducing energy consumption by 158000 KWH/year, and CO2 emission by 118 Tons/year.

Reducing the cooling load Applying high reflective paint to new building metallic roof, reducing energy consumption by 69200 KWH/year, and CO2 emission by 52 Tons/year.

Investment in a new printing machine (KBA 106 5 colors) that will save 40% energy and has less alcohol consumption – Will be installed in December 2018.

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