Beyond Reform & Development

Beyond Reform & Development

Beyond Reform & Development (BRD) is a mission driven consulting firm specializing in policy research, public management, capacity development and partnership building. BRD is established by a team of multidisciplinary consultants committed to attain participatory governance systems, innovative policies and inclusive institutions across the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa through creating learning opportunities for people, institutions, and communities. Our team includes consultants who are graduates and academics in public administration and public policy, social sciences, public health, conflict transformation and mitigations, business and management administration, urban planning and other. This diverse skill set allows us to approach projects from a holistic perspective and address them from different angels of concern.
Through its four services, BRD has been actively addressing the issue of SDGS in Lebanon and across the MENA region, particularly in terms of fostering local economic growth, reducing poverty, institutional strengthening, reducing inequalities, and women empowerment. Below is a sample of work conducted by BRD addressing SDGs issues:
First, BRD has been a pioneer in the social entrepreneurship fields in Lebanon for the past 10 years promoting the sector at the policy, ecosystem, education and practitioner levels. BRD is currently pioneering the social entrepreneurship momentum in the MENA region at large, focusing on a three-pronged strategy for the ecosystem development: designing formal and informal education programs and mainstreaming them across academic institutions and actors; providing technical assistance to establish and scale incubators and service providers; and facilitating a policy dialogue to create an enabling environment for social enterprises through the establishment and institutionalization of a policy and legal framework and ecosystem networks fostering the growth, support and legal status of social entrepreneurs in the region.
Second, BRD has been working for the past 8 years on the refugee Syrian crisis in Lebanon working at the national and local levels on mitigating the impacts of the crisis in the country by supporting municipalities and local governance institutions in responding better to the influx of refugees, by supporting refugee and host communities in developing livelihoods opportunities notably through social entrepreneurship, by conducting labor market assessments, by working with national institutions on policy making, by supporting civil society organization in their programmatic interventions and advocacy channels etc
Third, BRD brings extensive expertise in designing, conducting and building capacity in issue-oriented advocacy in Lebanon and the MENA region. These include providing advocacy solutions and support to civil society organizations, international organizations, public entities and private sector firms in the MENA region through advocacy and campaigning strategy development, capacity building for increased advocacy impact, lobbying reinforcement and advocacy network creation. BRD team has extensive experience in delivering and facilitating its designed advocacy courses, learning programs and modules through capacity building workshops, training of trainers (TOT), mentorship activities, peer support and facilitation techniques using an experiential methodology for increased learning impact (real life cases, practical examples contextualized for each region, role-plays, simulations etc.).
Lastly, in gender and women empowerment, BRD has extensive experience working on women empowerment and capacity building issues and designing and implementing large scale research and data collection projects. BRD team has been leading numerous projects on women’s issues for public institutions, international organizations and local NGOs.

Our CSR Activities

* Improving labor policies to ensure employees' well-being and financial sustainability with the current country situation, in addition to setting new Parental Leave Policy, and having a kids-friendly office
*Implementing Pro-Bono Projects for NGOs to support their cause
* Corporate policies that benefit the environment such as Recycling our waste, minimizing our waste, our energy use, and paper consumption

working on the goals below

The UN Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core values environment, and anti-corruption.