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SDG 4 : Quality Education 

BLOM shabeb:To ensure our children make the right decisions in their professional and academic path, BLOM Bank has created BLOM shabeb – a program that empowers the Lebanese youth and provides them with the adequate training to tackle their first decisions as adults.

More than 270,000 youths benefited from the BLOM shabeb program so far, which includes career fairs for high school students, workshops for university students, job fairs and campus events, an online platform offering orientation services, and much more.

Under this program, students can also benefit from scholarships to pay their tuition fees by participating in the ‘The A List’ Competition. This yearly competition consists of a 3-day event where 50 selected students will be shortlisted and invited to attend a 2-day workshops and presentations allowing them to acquire the skills needed to prepare for their desired career and be successful in their field. On the third day, all students are requested to give a presentation related to their career project in front of a jury. 5 students out of the 50 competing participants will be chosen to win university scholarship worth USD 30,000 covering their undergraduate studies.

With the BLOM shabeb program, more than 42 students have been granted scholarships to cover their tuition fees at the university of their choice.


SDG 13: Climate Change 

Carbon Footprint Measurement :In 2017, BLOM Bank was able to define, calculate, and assess its carbon footprint. V4 Advisors conducted a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) audit, measured in tCO2eq, for our Bank’s branches, head offices, and warehouses in Lebanon, based on the Business-as-Usual scenario. The Advisors quantified the results based on the “Built on GHG Protocol” Corporate GHG online calculator. The total GHG emitted by BLOM Bank, employing 2,195 employees in a total of 87,545.5 m2 was 14,701 tCO2e in year 2016. This is equivalent to 6.7 tCO2e per employee or 0.2 tCO2e (167.9 kgCO2e) per m2. The results equate to 1,547.4 trips around the equator. To offset these GHG emissions, 674,357.8 pine trees that are 10 years old need to be planted. This assessment is now being used as the basis for the bank’s action plan to reduce its carbon footprint for the year 2018.


SDG 17 : Partnership for the Goals

BLOM Bank Beirut Marathon and the 542 Volunteering Program :The partnership with the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) is a long-standing one, dating back to 2005. BLOM Bank’s support of BMA has allowed them to build a platform for NGOs to raise funds, and for runners to promote athleticism and champion their causes. On another level, this collaboration has put Lebanon and BLOM Bank Beirut Marathon on the international map of sports events and awarded it the Silver label road race by International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).

BBBM constitutes for BLOM a unifying platform that brings together people from different backgrounds and confessions to participate communally in good spirit and for good purposes despite all challenges. In addition and simultaneously with the BBBM, the bank was able to launch internal volunteering activities spanning over the Marathon’s different preparatory and final phases.

On another note, BLOM Bank has supported the 542 program since 2017, which is a community-based initiative created by the Beirut Marathon Association aiming to transform first time runners into marathoners. In 5 months, participants train to run the 42K marathon. Over the summer of 2017, volunteers from BLOM BANK supported the runners on a number of Sunday trainings; cheering them on, providing them with moral support, and supplying them with water and highly energetic food; thus helping them achieve their objective.

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