SDG 5 : Gender Equality 

We won the “World Post & Parcels Award” 2018 for the CSR Category which was granted to LibanPost in recognition of its “bold, courageous and meaningful project” on “Gender Parity through the Post” including comprehensive efforts led towards gender parity, such as: proper female representation along the hierarchical ladder; introducing women in roles from which they were totally excluded before; work life balance initiatives; special stamp issuance honoring Lebanese women pioneers; participation to the UN Global Compact Initiative on gender parity; and acting as a Pilot Site for the nationwide “Gender equality study” launched by the Lebanese League of Women in Business and the ILO in 2018.

By succeeding to introduce women in the distribution world, driving cars or motorcycles, and even taking charge of a complete distribution center, LibanPost contributed to a paradigm shift. It confirmed that things can change when strongly held unconscious cultural biases are overcome. Such a step is particularly valuable in this part of the world where women are denied rights otherwise seen as basic elsewhere.


 SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

We are proud to be a profitable company which offers full legal rights and benefits to our employees, which is unfortunately not the norm in Lebanon especially for blue collars. At LibanPost, we believe in success based on decency, fairness and inclusion.

We put forward a company culture that promotes environment consciousness (sorting and recycling) and road safety. And road safety is a real issue in Lebanon, our drivers and letter carriers are all trained and safety is included in the Induction program for new comers. A national stamp on road safety was emitted. A video was produced and shared to raise awareness among Lebanese.


SDG 17 :Partnerships for the Goals

We at LibanPost have committed to the advancement of effective policies by bringing together public, private and civil society sectors for effective solutions and efficient implementation. We have joined forces with Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) to raise awareness about public private partnerships (PPP) based on LibanPost’s successful experience, and have published our recommendations in this regard.

LibanPost took part in several workshops and conferences and will also be hosting a conference at the Saint Joseph university of Beirut -USJ on October 3, with participants from the UNDP, the World Bank/IFC group, to discuss future challenges in the implementation and monitoring of PPPs, in order to issue recommendations for efficient implementation and monitoring of PPPs in Lebanon; particularly following the proceedings of the CEDRE conference, as part of a comprehensive plan for reform and for infrastructure investments in Lebanon.


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