SDG 4 : Quality Education 

Development of the E-Learning Solution – SorCE electronic platform , implementing the digital transformation in the learning and education sector for deployment in schools.

NEEDS offers E-Learning solution, through the exclusive SOrCE electronic platform (Smart Oriented and Constructive E-Learning), for the digital transformation of learning practices into more robust, customizable and smart learning experiences using advanced technologies, with interactive content.


SDG 7 : Affordable and clean

Development of an energy solution called SMARTi Solution, which provides smart effective means to reduce energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings and ensuring operational continuity with stable return on investment.

This solution has different components, through which the energy consumption of a Building will be audited and analyzed, and accordingly recommendations will be provided covering the basic preliminary to the most advanced energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.


SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production 

Development of policies programs with action plans and recommendation By balancing the rational consumption of energy (Energy Efficiency projects proposed for private sector) with moderate increase of production (Policy recommendations and programs for the public sector).