Anti-Corruption Phase II

Following GCNL’s commitment to anti-corruption as a priority for its work, and under the SDG agenda, and in particularly SDG 16, GCNL cooperated with UNDP’s regional project on Anti-Corruption and integrity in the Arab countries: (ACIAC) to host the 2nd phase of the Anti- Corruption Initiative.

GCNL members were informed of the latest developments in the fight against anti-corruption in Lebanon, and explored the ways in which they can cooperate in the development of the national anti-corruption strategy and its implementation plan to enable a more effective participation for the private sector in related efforts.

GCNL is always striving to be a part of workshops that are focused on the latest developments in the fight against corruption in Lebanon and the ways in which GCNL and concerned parties can propel national anti-corruption efforts in partnership with the private sector.