Reporting Matters: COP/COE Workshop

Global Compact Network Lebanon held a COP/COE workshop for its network members.

To begin the workshop, Dr. Dima Jamali, the president of GCNL, expressed her gratitude for the availability of resources from UN Global Compact, and the importance of making use of those resources and sustaining connectivity between the network members. The workshop’s speaker, Ms. Alexandra Tarazi, relationship manager in MENA and Europe, began the workshop by outlining the difference between a COP—a report for businesses, and a COE—a report for non-businesses. Relating to COPs, Ms. Tarazi highlighted the importance of growth, risk and investment in the external structure of a business, in addition to focusing on its internal structure by enhancing relationships within it.

“Corporate sustainability should be embedded in the whole company, from the CEO to middle management, imputing reports for cross-departmental communication,” stated Ms. Tarazi, emphasizing that businesses should “assess (their) company’s external and internal impact to unravel risks, costs and opportunities.”

Network members narrated what they are doing regarding the SDGs. For example, representatives from Holdal Group reported their company’s strict laws against anti-corruption, and how this has created an equal, professional and successful working environment. Ms. Tarazi also emphasized that network members should “support each other and share services,” to advance our commitment towards reaching the 2030 agenda. Detailed information about COE and COP reports were concurrently shown in a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation during the workshop.

The 2018 Global Compact Network Annual Report that offers many highlights from the past year, along with a handout containing the practical tools and resources for companies in the network, was distributed at the end of the workshop. Ms. Tarazi concluded the workshop stating, “you can only manage what you measure; once you measure you can improve.”